You've followed the white rabbit...

Welcome. My name is Borja Moya. I'm a Data Rebel and you can be one as well.

A revolution is coming. It’s time to grab life by the balls. We’re tired of feeling trapped. We’re tired of having no voice. We’re tired of feeling exploited. Under surveillance. Isolated in a connected world. We don’t accept it. We never have. And we never will. We have more power than they think. We can’t allow the rise of Data Dictatorships. That’s why we’re igniting this revolution.

Now it's about time you became a Data Rebel.

We're a small group of people working on the foundation of Data Rebels—you can read our manifesto here.

Right now you're early. But this site ultimatelly will be a site for "recruitment". It will give Data Rebels the right toolkit to spread the word and put in motion campaigns and guerrilla operations to break down Data Dictatorships.

Since you're early, what can you do?

First off, I need a way to contact you. There are a few ways: (1) you can subscribe to our private email list. Right now we're using Mailchimp, but we intend to change this soon. (2) If you don't want your email to be on Mailchimp, email me directly at and I'll contact you personally without a third party mailing software. Or (3) reach out to me in any way you want and tell me how you'd like to be contacted.

I'm the first skeptic when it comes to privacy, so pick whatever works best for you.

But the most important thing: Join our community and introduce yourself.

Second, if you're interested in knowing about these ideas more in depth, I have written a book called Data Dictatorships—which addresses the challenges we're facing with technological disruption and is more in depth manifesto of this movement. This book is available online for free: Here are the links.

And third, you can be more active in helping us spreading the word. Print this document and spread it around. We need your help. Take pictures of the document. Share it. Make people spread the word. The opportunity window is closing. We must act. Fast.

Just remember, if you follow any of these steps you'll become a Data Rebel.

Join us.

We need you.

I'll see you on the battlefield.