Data Rebels: A Manifesto

Have you been followed?

Shit. They’re watching us.

People out there are living in a puppet show. They don’t realize it because the ones in control are making it so smooth people can’t tell.

Am I crazy? Maybe.

Either way this isn’t a private conversation between you and I.

What I’m about to tell you is top secret.

A secret bigger than all of us.

As we speak, there’s a powerful group of people systematically trying to hack humankind.

And we’re all part of their game.

We’re in a competition where if you get hacked, it’s game over for you.

And if enough of us get hacked, it’ll be game over for everybody.

This… is a game controlled by Data Dictatorships.

I’m talking about the Data Autocrats who are secretly running the world.

The guys who want to own our thoughts.

The ones at the top that know more things about us than we know about ourselves.

The puppet-masters that violate our rights without permission.

Forget about fake news. Election interferences. Russian propaganda. Or being watched on the Internet.

The hard truth is that Data Dictatorships are taking over while we’re busy scrolling down a fucking newsfeed. Clicking this, clicking that. Swiping left, swiping right.

While we do that Data Dictatorships are collecting more and more data to fuel a global arms race to rule artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

We’ve waited long enough for a solution. But while we were waiting we completely lost our internet. It has slowly become more centralized than ever. And it has become a weapon serving the interests of Data Dictatorships.

A weapon, to keep us in check. A weapon fueled by the surveillance muscle taking over not only our Internet and offline world, but monitoring what happens under our skin.

That’s enough. This has to change.

There’s a place for a better future.

But that future has a price.

It has become evident that the only possible intercourse between Data Dictatorships and us is battle.

It’s time to fight.

This is a call for the revolutionaries.

We’re the change makers. We’re the ones with the blindfold off. We see the real world. We see how Data Dictatorships are eroding our freedoms little by little.

We’re the ones willing to take things personally to the streets and fight for this.

We’re the ones willing to sacrifice ourselves because we can’t stand the apathy of the world towards Data Dictatorships.

We’re the resistance.

We’re the only ones who can make things happen.

And we will.

We won’t be shy about it.

We won’t forget about our rights. We won’t stop caring about them. We’ll demand them.

We are Data Rebels, and this is our manifesto.

A revolution is coming.